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PSM DJ On Yelp! – Glowing DJ Review

We received quite the testimonial on our PSM DJ Yelp! page! It’s too flattering to not share!

PERFECT… Everything you want from a DJ!

My brother and sister in-law had a country reception at the family farm last weekend in Hudson, Pete was the DJ all night, and PSM went beyond expectations!

Nobody likes the DJ that is the mic-hog telling dumb jokes all night… didn’t have to worry about that, Pete made some great professional announcements, and then kept the music going all night long.

Nobody likes the DJ that plays that song that nobody dances to, but he/she keeps playing through the entire song… no worries, if people weren’t dancing, within 30 seconds Pete smoothly transitioned to another major crowd-pleaser.

Nobody likes the DJ that takes the song requests but NEVER plays them… not here, Pete had those playing it seemed like the very next song, EVERY TIME!

Nobody likes the DJ that is needy, sets up late, seems immature, and wants to be the center of attention… Again, Pete is NONE of those. He came on time, set up on his own, made do with everything a farm field presented him, was SUPER respectful/professional, did exactly what everyone wanted, and was the very last one to leave at the end of the night once he quietly packed up all his things.

GREAT lighting and sound, and the dance floor was packed all night long!

PETE and PSM is Everything you want in a DJ, and very reasonably priced. My fiance and I cannot wait to use him at our reception at our farm next May!

Thanks Pete for making Jake and Katie’s reception, one to remember!

A gigantic Thank You to Travis! I’m Blown Away and Flattered!

We look forward to working with you next year!

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Make Your Own Wedding BINGO

Customized DIY Wedding BINGO Cards

Clink Clink Clink

It’s time for the bride and groom to kiss!

You can forgo this tradition and play a game. Why not create your own BINGO Cards?

Use an online Bingo Card Creator to customize your own BINGO Cards and let guests know what’s going on.

Let Guests Know What’s Going On – Space Ideas

  • You Catch The Bouquet
  • You Catch The Garter
  • You Get a Free Drink between 5 & 6 PM!

Encouraging Social Ice Breakers – Space Ideas

  • Meet Someone New
  • Buy a Drink For a Random Guest
  • Hokey Pokey Participation


Trust What’s In Your “All Inclusive” Package?

It’s the week of your wedding!  You’re polishing the final touches.
Can you trust that your vendors won’t hold your feet to the fire?
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5 First Dance Songs That Make You Think

For your first dance, there are plenty of Classics and Modern Love songs to choose from that will feel just right for the two of you.

Here is a list from The that will give you some of those:

“50 Classic First Dance Songs”

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