Deciding On a DJ


Hopefully, by the time you’re searching for vendors you have some idea of what you want.

If not, I invite you to read my blog post about
“Starting The Planning Process.”


Personality & Style
Feel confident in your choices! Find a DJ that fits your expectations. If you’re having difficulty getting a hold of any vendor or something doesn’t feel right, it could be a red flag for what will happen down the road. There are plenty of reliable service providers out there that want to take care of your needs.

Considerations in Searching For Wedding Services
-Does this service match with what I envision for my day?
-What is concrete/important to me? What is flexible?
-Is this person or company reliable?
-Is this person or company listening and able to take care of my needs?

Small & Local
When you support small and local business, you have the opportunity to develop a working relationship with the individuals who will be at your event. This is a feature that larger companies charge a premium to receive.

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