What Will a DJ Do For Me?

The Silent Partner

Like a great bass player, a wedding DJ is someone you only notice when they are terrible or absent.

We’ve all been there…

bored wedding guest

A boring wedding with a boring DJ.

Maybe the bride and groom tried to give one of their friends a shot at being a DJ.
Maybe they decided to skip the cost of a DJ altogether and put their music on an iPod or Computer.

What is it about a DJ that makes the day so much different?

We all know that the DJ plays the music, so what else do they do?

When you’re hiring a DJ, you’re also getting an emcee. The emcee is the Master of Ceremonies. She or he is directing the room, telling people where to go and what’s coming up next, and has a plan for what is going to happen.

The emcee makes announcements and has control of the room. By the time you show up to an event, the emcee has (or should have) made contact with every vendor working the event. This allows her or him to make the necessary announcements that answer questions like:

“Where is the bar?”
“When’s dinner?”
“Where’s the bathroom?”
“Am I in the right place?”
“When’s last call?”
“When is the shuttle coming so I can have a ride back to my hotel?”
“Do you have any Megadeth?”

The Number One Complaint I hear from clients is that they attended a wedding where the DJ put on a song and when no one wanted to dance to it, let the song play to the end.

An experienced DJ is able to read the crowd. The simplest and most obvious way to do this is to switch the song when it clears the dance floor! In addition, an engaged DJ will talk to you and your guests.

With permission, I visit each table during dinner to meet the guests and take early requests. This accomplishes a number of helpful goals.

1) I get a sense of what guests would like to dance to.

2) I get to know your friends and family! I want them to feel comfortable interacting with me. The more comfortable guests are with me, the more comfortable they are coming onto the dance floor.

3) It gets guests talking. Of course, you have tables with friends and family who know each other well and get along. What about the outliers? Maybe a single friend or couple that doesn’t know many people ends up at a table with people they don’t know. A stranger walking up, engaging with them about musical taste, and talking to the table as a group gives everyone a sense of togetherness and gives them something to talk about.

Additionally, it gets them talking about the dance, which in turn will make them excited about dancing.

Final Tip
The better you know your DJ, the better the DJ will serve your needs.
Book early! Check-in from time to time (or better yet, have him or her check-in with you! YOU’RE BUSY). Meet for coffee. A professional relationship doesn’t have to be boring.

Hiring a DJ takes a lot off your plate during the reception. A real pro will create an atmosphere that highlights your personality, makes the day about you and your guests rather than him or herself, and cares and understands that this is one of the biggest, most memorable days of your life.


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