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Ceremony Music

This is the music playing as guests are arriving to the ceremony, and as they are being seated. These selections typically involve quiet background music played by a guitar, harp, piano, or a string quartet.

For any Ceremony, there are 4 Standard Songs that may be chosen:

1) Wedding Party Processional
This is the music while most of the wedding party are entering the ceremony to take their places.

2) Bridal/Groom Processional

Depending on your ceremony, the Bride or Groom may be the last one to enter. Traditionally, there is a music change and the Bride or Groom (or both!) are escorted by his or her father.

3)Unity Ceremony
You may or may not have a unity ceremony (ex: candle lighting, rose presenting, sand ceremony, wine box ceremony) in the middle of your wedding ceremony. If you do, many opt to have some kind of music to fill the silence, or accent a poem read during this time.

This is the exit music for the Bride(s), Groom(s), and wedding party. This is the music traditionally taking place after the introduction at the end of the ceremony.

Here are some not-so-typical ceremony songs I’ve seen used during the weddings that I’ve worked:

“Rose of My Heart” by Johnny Cash
This song was used during a Unity Ceremony, but, like many of these selections, can be interchangeable during different parts of your ceremony.

Other Resources
Here are a couple of articles I found that do a good job of covering music suggestions for a ceremony.

This one is from The Knot and covers the “traditional” wedding music. You’ve likely heard most of these, and they are nice and classic (especially once you get to this stage and you’re tired of making decisions! – Go with what works!)

Traditional Wedding Processionals

This is an article from WeddingIdeasMag that covers many of the songs I was planning on suggesting, plus more! These fall more on the “Non-Traditional” if that’s what you’re going for!
12 Wedding Ceremony Songs Walking In and Walking Out

Many of these songs are interchangeable from one piece of the ceremony to the next.

One Idea: When Brides & Grooms are exiting (The Recessional), this tends to be a time when they like to REALLY break tradition. The exit song may be cute or funny, or sometimes upbeat!

I Hope that helps!

(Last Updated 7/21/2016)

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