Can You Trust Your Vendors?

Trust What’s In Your “All Inclusive” Package?

It’s the week of your wedding!  You’re polishing the final touches.
Can you trust that your vendors won’t hold your feet to the fire?

As your big day approaches, your nerves become higher, and your concern for covering your needs greatly increases.

What’s in that “Unbelievable Deal” from a company that offered a low price.

There may be a number of reasons why price is a factor, but a stripped down, bare bones wedding package should not be one of them.

Once you sign that contract, the company is free to back you into a corner.  It’s unlikely that you will opt out of your contract and eat your deposit during the week leading up to your wedding.

What better time to inform you that. . . 

“You don’t have a microphone for your toasts.”

-That’s an extra $50, please!

“This package only provides sound for one room.”

-Two rooms?  That’s an extra $100, please!

“This does not include the lighting and extra music!”

-That’s an extra $250, please!

“Did I mention our DJs work mostly for tips?”

Yes, all of this money goes to the owner, sales staff, advertising, marketing, and business operations!  The DJ mostly gets paid in gratuity!

How much is gratuity?

If you’re going by the service industry standard, a tip should be $150 to $200 for a 14 hour day of work on a $1000 package.


What is in your All-Inclusive Package?


  • Find out all of the options and add-ons offered by the company before you sign a contract.  Ask what situations would require each option or add-on.
  • Knowing these options ahead of time will prepare you for the extra expense if you change something down the line.  It may also give you an insight into something that you overlooked.
  • If you’re dealing with sales staff that won’t be the person working your event, ask probing questions.
    • What else would cost extra?
    • What if things change?
    • What is the most I would end up paying for this package?
    • How much time is included with this option?
    • Does this package cover everything I will need?
    • What do you offer in addition to this package?
    • Does it cost anything to change my package once I’ve signed the contract?
    • Is the deposit non-refundable?

What’s your story?  Leave your experiences in the comments!

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