What Else Does a DJ Do For Me?

A Continuation From What Does a DJ Do?

Hosting of Games & Events
Do you want a Dollar Dance?

Do you know what a Dollar Dance is?

More importantly, who is in charge of setting it up?

It’s nice to have someone watching the clock for you, organizing your events, and informing you about what’s coming up. You, your friends, and your family should enjoy the party! Today is about family togetherness!

Other Games & Events:
-The Shoe Game
-Anniversary Dance
-Garter & Bouquet Toss

Who would have thought something like Seating Guests would be so complicated?

Who’s job is this?


Now that everyone is seated, people will sit quietly and go up to the buffet line one table at a time in an orderly fashion, right?


There is no buffet line!  Guests were supposed to remain seated through the Father of the Bride’s Welcome and were then served salads….

Duties You Only Notice When They Aren’t Present
Like a great bass player, a DJ is something you only notice when she or he is not present. Announcements and timeline are simple pieces to the puzzle that are stressful when they are ignored.

The Take-Home
You need someone to keep track of your day! You can do it yourself or assign another guest to the task, but why would you want to? Just have fun!

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