Your Ideas Come To Life

My name is Pete, and I love metal!

Pete St. Martin
Owner, Entertainer

I play guitar in a band where our singer portrays 80’s comedy sensation Gallagher, tells jokes, and smashes watermelons and other produce while we play Metallica songs. It’s called Metallagher.

You don’t want us at your wedding or event.

Why am I telling you this?

I love to entertain and make ideas come to life. Your ideas do not have to be crazy or elaborate, and I won’t play metal at your wedding. What I will do is listen to your ideas and make them happen. I design props and regularly scout venues, artists, musicians, and talent to pool resources for any idea you can throw at me.

Ask about themed events, or simply keep your day professional and fun!

A Different Way To Wedding

Thank You So Much!

I Look Forward To Meeting With You,
Pete St. Martin
PSM Weddings & Events

Fun Fun Fun Fest - Austin, TX

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